Cool New Stuff 2023: All of the Best Gear Drops That Came Out Recently

Every now and then, we take a break from tracking down the best menswear on the web and direct our finely honed shopping acumen elsewhere: to the best non-menswear releases of the last few weeks. From nifty kitchen upgrades to headache-saving tech, this is all the new gear worth your time and hard-earned dollars.

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The Trail-Ready Sneaker Pick: Adidas Terrex Free Hiker 2 Low GTX

Adidas took its regular Free Hiker sneaker and trimmed it down to make a more streamlined low-top version. These new kicks are still decked out in waterproof Gore-tex, and remain as grippy as the original to ensure you don’t slip and slide on the muddy trails.  

For Quick and Easy Meals: Cosori 26-Quart Ceramic Air Fryer Oven


26-Quart Ceramic Air Fryer Oven

Countertop ovens are a great way to get a meal on the table without turning on your oven to heat up your whole house. In that vein, cookware brand Cosori has a new multitasking air fryer oven for your roasting and toasting needs, which is spacious enough to bake a 12-inch pizza, five-pound chicken, and brown nine slices of bread (uh, just not all at once). And with its ceramic surface, you won’t have to sweat the cleanup process. 

New Earbuds for Audiophiles: Technics EAH-AZ40M2 


EAH-AZ40M2 true wireless earbuds

Technics’ new earbuds are noise-cancelling, and they’re able to connect to up to three devices at once (can your AirPods do that?). These are a budget pick compared to some of the brand’s more high-end earbuds, but still offer the same great audio quality you’d expect from a brand that’s been in the game for 55 years.

The College Dinner Upgrade: Momofuku Instant Noodles

Momofuku’s been making instant noodles for a minute, which vary from your standard ramen fare since these are air-dried as opposed to fried. Now the brand’s cooked up two new spicy flavors that bring the heat. Buy them in packs of five or stock up with a pack of 30 because chances are you’re gonna burn through these guys pretty quickly. 

The Nalgene Upgrade: Stanley AeroLight IceFlow Bottle


AeroLight IceFlow Bottle with Fast Flow Lid

Stanley’s been going viral on TikTok for its monster tumblers that are favored by outdoorsmen, and its latest release is a great alternative to the brand’s bulky retro design. As the name would suggest, The AeroLight is exceptionally lightweight at less than a pound, with a Fast Flow lid that helps you gulp down water even faster. It also comes in multiple sizes depending on how much water you want to tote around. 

The Sneaker Collab of the Month: New Balance x Ganni 

New Balance and Ganni have partnered together on some sick new takes on a couple of the footwear brand’s most popular styles, namely the 1906R and RC30. Sadly, most of the sizes are sold out already, but if your feet are on the smaller side, you’re in luck.

For the Foodie Cooking Big-Ass Dinners: Our Place Always Pan XL

Our Place took its beloved Always Pan and went, “Why not make it a tad bigger?” The result is a brand new nonstick pan that’s now 12.5 inches, as opposed to the 10.5-inch original, but retains everything you love about the smaller version, from the nesting steam basket to the oven-safe Thermakind coating. 

For Bleary-Eyed Mornings That Require Caffeine STAT: Blue Bottle Samra Origins Craft Instant Coffee

Blue Bottle

Samra Origins Craft Instant Coffee

Following a collab with The Weeknd, Blue Bottle’s expanding its Samra Origins collection with this craft instant coffee. It’s a huge upgrade over your typical Folgers fare, and it comes together just as quickly and easily: Mix hot water with the freeze-dried granules and voilà. You’re all set for caffeination.

For Pizza Dinners On the Go: Solo Stove Pi Prime Pizza Oven

The Solo Stove Pi has been our favorite pizza oven for a minute, but now it’s got some friendly competition from the brand’s new launch, Pi Prime, which adds a temperature dial on the front, as well as an upgraded fuel design that makes it more easily transportable.

High-Flying Summer Shades: Warby Parker Circa Collection

Warby Parker’s latest collection, its Circa line, is all about aviators. The wired frames, inspired by 19th-century travelers, come in eyeglass form or with tinted shades for blocking out the sun’s rays. A major design perk that sets these apart from say, Ray Bans’ designs, is the blinders around the lenses to block out light from all sides.

Running Shoes for Overpronators: Hoka Gaviota 5

Hoka’s lateset, the Gaviota 5, is the brand’s latest model aimed at stabilizing your foot mid-stride. A new H-Frame combines sturdiness and foamy comfort for those who don’t have a neutral running stride. Meanwhile, be prepared for the same springiness that’s become somewhat of a Hoka signature.

Do-Good Backpacks: Patagonia Bags

Patagonia Black Hole Pack 32 L

Patagonia Fieldsmith Lid Pack

Patagonia’s updating its gear line for the fall and winter with the release of a whole mess of new backpacks, including a new take on its Black Hole backpacks that are now made entirely from recycled thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU. Patagonia also has plans to overhaul the rest of its Black Hole line, including its much-beloved tote bag, in the same material. The brand will also release new colors for its popular Fieldsmith packs, which are available in three different sizes.

For a Restaurant-Worthy Dining Room at Home: Burrow Dining Collection

Burrow Serif Expandable Dining Table

Burrow Alto Dining Chair (2-Pack)

Burrow is most famous for popularizing the sofa-in-a-box concept, and in the past few years, the brand has expanded its wares to fill nearly every room of the house. Next up is the dining room. Burrow’s latest collection includes a mid-century style drop-leaf dining table, which seats between four to eight people, plus a bunch of dining chairs in various silhouettes and fabrics like leather, fabric, and wood.

For Fighting a Bad Case of Bacne: Necessaire The Body Acne Duo

Necessaire The Body Acne Duo

Sticky, sweaty summer weather has a way of causing your entire body to breakout. Those who suffer from acne on their back and beyond might find relief in Necessaire’s latest drop, a two-step system comprised of an acne-fighting, medicated body wash and a post-shower, spray-on solution. Both contain 2% salicylic acid for combatting breakouts, zinc for clearing up excess sebum, and niacinamide for brightening post-blemish hyperpigmentation.

The Stylish Dinner Host Pick: East Fork x Fishwife Picnic Bundle

East Fork x Fishwife Picnic Bundle

If you’re going to be serving up a tinned rainbow trout feast, you may as well have the colorful plates to do them justice. So says this new collab between East Fork and Fishwife, a picnic bundle featuring three tins of Fishwife’s delicious preserved fish alongside four of East Fork’s itty bitty plates in the colors Henri’s Red, Rococo, Blue Ridge, and Black Mountain.  

For a Fancier Morning Brew: Miir French Press

Whether you want a full-bodied brew or love your cold brew, a French press is a great piece of coffee gear to own. Miir’s new French press is the latest addition to its line and it’s sold in a matte black and stainless steel option. The one-liter brewer is vacuum-insulated to keep your coffee hot (if you’re brewing it hot, that is), and you can easily clean out the coffee puck courtesy of the quick-release grounds basket.

The “Check Mate” of Seating: Eames Turned Stool

Few names elicit as many oohs and aahs as Charles and Ray Eames when it comes to mid-century modern design. Now, Herman Miller is releasing a new stool shape based on technical drawings from the pair’s archive. The new Eames Turned Stool has a crenelated body that looks sorta like a chess piece. It certainly makes for a sculptural conversation starter—whether you use it as a seat or side table. It comes in the classic walnut finish, as well as the ebonized ash finish seen here.

The Pilot’s Watch: Todd Snyder x Timex MK-1 Jet Stream Watch

Todd Snyder x Timex MK-1 Jet Stream Watch

Todd Snyder and Timex go way back, and their latest collaboration is a military watch inspired by a ‘60s-style American field watch and a ’40s-style British watch known as the Dirty Dozen. To give it a certain Todd Snyder flair, the watch is finished with a two-tone dial upon the 40-millimeter face.

The Hybrid Sheets for Sweaty Sleepers: Ettitude Linen+

Ettitude Linen+ Sheet Set

The “+” in this sheet set’s name doesn’t mean that this is a better type of linen. Rather, it’s hemp linen plus bamboo Lyocell. The combination means that this sheet set is even more affordable than some other luxe linen bed sheets, while remaining extremely cooling and luxurious on the skin. It’s not available in sizes smaller than a queen unfortunately, but if you’re sleeping on a jumbo bed, rest assured that the set does come in three colors: ink, honey, and stone.

The Dimes Square Grooming Essentials: Milk Makeup x Awake NY The Basics Set

Milk Makeup x Awake NY The Basics Set

One of our favorite streetwear brands wants to make sure you’re more than just decked out from head-to-toe: Awake NY recently partnered with Milk Makeup on a collection of grooming essentials that will ensure your skin is glowing, too. The line includes a hand cream, body butter, and lip balm, which the two brands have called the “NYC Summer Survival Kit.” Don’t miss the miniature lanyard which you can use to store the lip balm (or your cash, or whatever else you need to discreetly stash) on-the-go.

For Post-Workout Recovery: Therabody RecoveryTherm

Therabody’s most well-known for its muscle-pounding massage guns, but it’s since released a physical therapist’s arsenal of post-workout recovery tools. The latest is the RecoveryTherm, a compact, travel-ready device that’s basically like a battery-powered IcyHot. It offers both hot and cold temperatures to help treat injuries, relieve pain, and lessen inflammation for shorter recovery times. 


Blue Bottle Coffee Samra Blend Vol. 1

Blue Bottle Coffee Samra Blend Vol. 1

The Weeknd’s acting debut may be behind him, but it seems Abel Tesfaye’s making another fresh pivot into coffee. The artist (and actor) worked with third-wave coffee stalwarts Blue Bottle Coffee on an Ethiopian bean blend meant to evoke the flavors from a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony that he and his mother used to participate in regularly. Famous for its light roasts, this Ethiopian blend is more fruity and juicy than chocolate-forward, and this collaborative release includes a limited-edition MiiR tumbler, sold separately. 

Lojel Iloj Airtag Holder

Luggage and travel accessories brand Lojel released a new Airtag holder that puts that four-pack silicone set you got from Amazon to shame. The leather-crafted pouch keeps your Airtag secure (because you need a luggage tracker these days) so it’s not tumbling around in your checked bag.

Bloomscape Lemon Trees

Bloomscape Eureka Lemon Tree

Bloomscape Variegated Pink Lemon Tree

When life doesn’t give you lemons, buy a lemon tree, and plant brand Bloomscape is here to provide with a new duo of dwarf lemon trees for sale so you can harvest actual full-sized lemons to squeeze your own lemonade. Sure, it might take a year or two to actually bear fruit, but the plants themselves are still nice little touches of green for your space. You can either get the Eureka tree for your typical lemon fare or go for the variegated pink lemon tree for fruit with a Barbiecore touch.

Solawave Wrinkle & Bacteria Clearing Light Therapy Mask

Solawave Wrinkle & Bacteria Clearing Light Therapy Mask

In the past, the only way to take advantage of LED light therapy was to shell out big bucks at your spa. Now, brands like Solawave let skincare obsessives do light therapy from their own bathroom. The brand’s hero product is a handheld heated wand for targeted light treatments at home, which it’s now following up with a full-on mask that has already sold out once and recently been restocked. The mask gets you full-face LED light treatment in either a red light—which helps smooth over wrinkles and increase collagen production—or an acne-fighting blue light. 10 minutes a day of sitting pretty with this bad boy on your face can help fight all of your pesky skin issues without you needing to book an appointment anywhere. 

Topo Designs Session Pack

Topo Designs Session Pack

The humble backpack might not need much improvement, but Topo Designs’ latest, the Session Pack, has us wishing we were back in elementary school to stunt on everyone else’s Jansport. There’s a massive main compartment and a discreet laptop sleeve to throw off any bullies looking for your lunch money or answers to last night’s homework. And if you decide to go on the trail with this, like Topo Designs is known for, it’s great for keeping all your essentials on hand thanks to additions like the chain webbing for tacking on other accessories.

Beats Studio Pro

Some people forget that Apple owns Beats, but the latest from the Dr. Dre brand is giving the Cupertino brand’s flagship Apple AirPods Max headphones some fierce competition. The Studio Pros, a follow-up to Beats’ Studio3s, boast some impressive audio upgrades and improved active noise-cancellation. It’s also much cheaper than the AirPods Maxes, though the jury’s out on which of the two boasts the better ANC. Plus you get lossless audio, which is basically super high quality sound that currently no Airpod models are equipped to support. 

Gantri x Craighill Flux 

Gantri x Craighill Flux table light

Craighill, known for its minimalist home goods and sleek EDC accessories, has produced its first lamp courtesy of Gantri, a repeat Home Awards winner known for its epic designs and 3-D-printed lights. The Flux is inspired by the glow of a melting candle, and like all of Gantri’s other lamps, it has a dimmer switch to help you set the right mood.

Herman Miller Luva

Herman Miller Luva sectional

Herman Miller’s latest seating, designed by Gabriel Tan, is all about puffy proportions. The Luva is a modular setup that can be configured from a single chair to a three-seater, sectional, or whatever the hell you want. Each section snaps into each other, and they can be switched up to conform to whatever situation you’re in. Also, the backs can either be folded down or propped up for lounging.

Casio G-Shock Move 

Casio G-Shock Move Slim Step-Tracker Digital Watch

It may look like a regular G-Shock, but this watch secretly houses a very serious fitness tracker, which sends data—like your step and calorie count—to a companion app on your phone. Everything you love about G-Shock carries over with this model, but if you’re looking to wear just one watch for when you’re doing physical activities, at least the Move will make sure every step of yours counts.

Blue Apron Summer Crab Picnic

Blue Apron Summer Crab Picnic

If you’re looking for meal delivery kits, you already know the name Blue Apron. Its latest delivery is a summer meal kit featuring a crab feast for eight. But instead of bringing out the claw crackers, this delivery already includes fresh-plucked crab meat to make crab salad sliders, alongside a wedge salad, a corn salad, and a summer fruit pie. And you don’t even need to commit to a full subscription because you can shop the box on Amazon, so you’ll know what you’re having for dinner in two days.

Nomadica Orange Wine

Nomadica orange wine (12-pack)

The idea that wine can’t be good if it doesn’t come in a bottle—ahem, like if it’s from a box or a can—is outdated. Nomadica, a sommelier-founded canned wine brand, certainly . The low-intervention, sustainably farmed wines (OK, they’re basically natty wine) are adding a new blend to the lineup, and it’s a highly desirable orange juice, er, wine. This skin-contact white wine has a good bit of tannins in it and features a majority Chardonnay grape blend, which keeps things lush and refreshing, great for summer sipping, with the addition of Grüner Veltliner and Albariño to round things out.

Fishwife Sardines

Fishwife sardines (3-pack)

We get excited about tinned fish over here, especially from the brand Fishwife, which drops preserved sea creatures like it’s a sneaker release. Luckily you don’t need a bot to score the latest from the brand: a three-pack of sardines that are available with either preserved lemon or hot pepper. Toss them into any dish that needs a meaty, umami punch.

G.H. Mumm Champagne x CYK Caviar Kit

G.H. Mumm Champagne x CYK Caviar Kit

Summer calls for a lot of things—beach days, Barbenheimer, breezy linen—only succeeded by Champagne and caviar. For any boozy picnics or dinner parties on the horizon, champagne brand G.H. Mumm partnered with CY Kitchen on a limited-edition Champagne and caviar kit which includes a bottle of rosé Champagne and 50 grams of Kaluga caviar. It’s not an everyday indulgence, but summer only comes once a year, so live it up.

Hoka Mach X

Hoka makes some of the best running shoes in the game and with the brand’s latest, the Mach X, marathon preppers have a new pair to get them geared-up for their next 26.2-mile trek. The shoes feature a Pebax plate, which aims to propel you forward with less exerted energy as well as a layer of PEBA foam, which Hoka says offers “high-rebound cushioning.” While they’re especially apt for long-distance training, they’re equally good for shorter sprints and jogs. These are probably best for neutral runners due to the symmetrical bed of cushioning in them, so those who overpronate might want to opt for something with a little more support (and thankfully, we have lots of recommendations for that).

Nothing Phone 2

iPhone who? Samsung what? How about Nothing? Last year our UK counterparts questioned the release of the Nothing phone as a potential iPhone killer. Beyond its slim iPhone-esque body and design, the Nothing’s standout feature included a series of lights on the back of its transparent case that light up in a series of ways to alert you of notifications even with the screen facing down. Glyph, as those back lights are called, could light up one way to let you know your bestie is calling and another way to give you a heads up that mom is looking for you. It’s a year later, and we’re still seeing more iPhones than Nothing phones so we’re pretty sure this thing isn’t killing off Apple any time soon. But with the launch of the Nothing Phone 2, which has added even more lights to Glyph, a slightly improved camera system, and an updated version of Android, we’ll see if anything changes. It’s only available for preorder right now, but will be ready to light up your world shortly. 

Backdrop x Porsche Paint Collection

Backdrop x Porsche Irish Green

Backdrop x Porsche Ruby Star

If you have Porsche tastes on a Camry budget, well, we can’t help you there. But, if you’re hoping to paint your room to at least look like the exterior of a Porsche, direct-to-consumer paint brand Backdrop has a new collection of hues that draw inspiration from the luxury German car brand, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. The four colors include Irish Green, Riviera Blue, Speed Yellow, and Ruby Star—just don’t try painting your car with any of them.

Avène Mineral Sunscreen Face & Body Lotion SPF 50

Avène Mineral Sunscreen Face & Body Lotion SPF 50

French skincare brand Avène’s latest release, a face and body sunscreen, couldn’t have come at a better time (though you should really be wearing sunscreen every day of the year). This one is a mineral sunscreen so it sits on top of your face, acting as a shield against the sun’s UV rays, rather than being a chemical sunscreen, which is absorbed into the skin. It’s hydrating, and doesn’t feel sticky like the sunscreens your mom might have slathered on your skin in your youth, and it also protects against blue light, AKA the glow from your digital screens.

Malin and Goetz x Brain Dead

Malin and Goetz Cannabis x Brain Dead candle

Malin and Goetz Cannabis x Brain Dead perfume oil

Malin and Goetz is famous for its cannabis-scented candle (amongst a range of pretty great skincare essentials) and in honor of the candle’s years of success, the brand has partnered with Brain Dead on a limited-edition take on the cannabis candle, as well as a perfume oil. Sadly, neither will get you high…

Houseplant Party Ashtray

…but if you’re good on that front, Seth Rogen’s weed paraphernalia brand Housplant has an ashtray to park your doobie on. One of its most popular products is the ashtray, which was based off a design that ceramicist extraordinaire Rogen made himself in the studio. Now we have the party ashtray, with three spots for you to rest your joint (or whatever else burns). Plus, the removable bottom can house some matches to actually help you light up.

Yeti Yonder water bottle

Yeti might be known for its products that keep your drinks cold, but its new line of Yonder bottles prioritize portability over chill-ability. The Yonders are all 50% lighter than the Rambler tumblers in their comparable sizes, and they’re virtually shatterproof, so don’t be so worried if yours takes a tumble. 

Herman Miller x Naoto Fukasawa Asari Chair

Herman Miller x Naoto Fukasawa Asari chair

Herman Miller knows how to make a damn good office chair, and its latest is nothing less than exceptional. The Asari—made in collaboration with Tokyo-based designer Naoto Fukasawa—means “clam” in Japanese, nodding to the shape of the chair. It comes in both high- and mid-back height options, and according to the brand, the contoured surface helps to minimize pressure points so you don’t jolt off the seat with a sore, half-asleep bottom. 


Material Salt Sphere

Material has quietly become one of our favorite kitchen brands that doesn’t focus on just cookware (though its pots and pans are nothing to sneeze at). Its latest endeavor is its Material Object collection, which offers limited-edition pieces like this inaugural salt sphere. The wooden orb has a swiveling lid for you to easily grab a pinch of salt, while the bottom base acts as a separate container. In our use, we’re putting table salt on top and less-used finishing flakes on the bottom. And when it’s not seasoning our food, it’s just a nice little accent piece on the countertop. 

Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Oven

Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Oven

Ninja’s latest is an electric outdoor oven that offers eight functions—pizza, max roast (or 700 degrees Fahrenheit), specialty roast, broil, bake, smoker, dehydrate and keep warm—in one tiny package. With enough space to hold a 12-pound bird, the Woodfire also allows you to infuse smoky flavor if you take advantage of easy-to-use pellets. Figure out what you’re cooking, put it in the oven, and press the corresponding button. Then, dinner will be on the table as soon as the timer’s done ticking.

Adidas x Norse Projects

Adidas X Norse Projects Campus

Adidas X Norse Projects Terrex Skychaser 2

If the Sambas are as cooked as everyone says they are, then maybe give these pairs a spin. Norse Projects has once again got ahold of the Adidas shoe inventory and released two new pairs that play on a land and sea aspect. The first shoe is a re-worked take on the Campus, that’s been kitted out with a water- and stain-resistant suede upper, while the second pair, the Skychaser 2 is part of Adidas’ outdoorsy Terrex line and meant for rugged and wet terrains.

Vitamix Ascent Gold Label

Vitamix is going all in with this whole luxury blender thing. It’s revamping its top-of-the-line Ascent line with a Gold Label edition, decking out those swanky blenders in four new colors—matte navy, matte sage, brushed gold, and white—with the addition of gold accents. Beyond the cosmetic facelift, the blender still boasts touchscreen controls, five pre-settings, and wireless connectivity.

BruMate Rotera

Cooler brand BruMate is now in the bottle business. Its Rotera series of bottles utilizes a unique way to drink your water: Twist the lid, and a straw pops out for your drinking convenience. (It’s such a great feature that the Rotera won Red Dot’s product design award for 2023.) The part of the straw that actually touches your water is made of stainless steel, and an optional silicone sleeve protects the bottle from dents if you’re clumsy on the road. It’s an insulated bottle, too, so your ice-cold bevvie can stay chilled for a full 24 hours.

Boy Smells x Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding

Boy Smells x Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding

Magnolia Bakery is a NYC sweets and desserts institution and even if you can’t get ahold of its uber-famous banana pudding into your belly, you can get its aroma into your olfactory system. Partnering with Boy Smells, Magnolia Bakery has released a banana pudding-scented candle that might smell a little too good and too accurate if you’re trying to satisfy that sweet tooth.

‘Scrounging: A Cookbook’

A24 knows how to do movie and television merch like no one else. Its latest is a cookbook that provides the blueprint for a bunch of recipes from 54 films, including The Breakfast Club, Napoleon Dynamite, and Parasite. The intro is by no other than Matty Matheson, who’s fresh off a much more prominent role in season two of The Bear, and it’s as Matty Matheson as it gets—no screaming included.

Caraway x Tan France cookware set

Caraway x Tan France cookware set

If someone from Queer Eye were to collaborate on a cookware set, it wouldn’t have been the style guy Tan France. Then again, style can apply to the kitchen. France has partnered with Caraway to deck out its nonstick cookware in three monochrome colorways: moss, cream, and blush.

Hydro Flask All Around Travel Tumbler

Hydro Flask All Around travel tumbler

Stanley’s travel tumblers are big right now—on TikTok and with Gen Z—so Hydro Flask is making a tumbler of its own. We’re fans of Hydro Flask’s insulated bottles, so we’re confident its latest product is a worthy addition to your beverage drinking lineup. It has an oversized handle, a straw, and double-wall vacuum insulation for superior temperature-regulation.

Dyson Gen5detect

Dyson recently announced a whole mess of new stuff—including a sick robo vac—and while that dust bunny killer isn’t available yet, its newest stick vacuum is ripe for the taking. Dyson eschewed the typical naming conventions (V8, V10, V15), but the “detect” in its name denotes the vacuum has one of the coolest innovations that the brand has introduced into its vacs in recent years: The cleaning head for hardwood floors has a green-light laser to illuminate naked-to-the-eye dust particles. Also, no more having to deploy a trigger constantly to power on the damn thing—the Gen5detect has a single button for operation. And just so you know you’re actually doing some good work cleaning, the screen lets you know how much crap you’ve sucked up and when your floors are clean enough to eat off (please don’t).

Noah x Gubi

Looking for a new outdoor chair? Noah has you covered thanks to its recent collab with the Danish design brand Gubi. The folding chair has a flexible seat and back while its open weave will keep you cool in the dead of summer.

Satisfy x Crocs Classic Clog

Satisfy x Crocs Classic Clog

Crocs make great recovery shoes, and Satisfy makes excellent running gear. Combined, the two brands netted a pretty sick clog with quick-lace system for a comfy, snug fit. Maybe the best part of the shoes is that they come with a sweet carrying pack that we’d honestly buy on its own.

Yeti Cast-Iron Skillet

Yeti 12-inch cast iron skillet

We didn’t expect the makers of our favorite coolers to make a cast-iron skillet, but since Yeti is an outdoor brand, maybe it makes sense it made a great outdoor pan. It’s oddly expensive, but it might be worth it considering a cast-iron pan could, in theory, last you forever if you take proper care of it.

Yamazaki Distiller’s Reserve 100th Anniversary Label

Yamazaki Distiller’s Reserve 100th Anniversary Label

In honor of 100 years of the House of Suntory, the Japanese whisky powerhouse released two new 18-year-old expressions of both Yamazaki and Hakushu. You probably won’t be able to score either unless you’re especially deep-pocket, but you can get something that’s slightly more attainable: the Yamazaki Distiller’s Reserve with a celebratory label to honor Suntory’s huge milestone.

Casper Hybrid Pillow with Snow Technology

Casper Hybrid Pillow with Snow Technology

Casper took its proprietary Snow technology and infused it into a hybrid pillow. The brand claims the Hybrid Snow will help you sleep cooler for over 12 hours, while its hybrid construction combines cushiony, plush support.

Meaningful Existence The Infinite Hug Weighted Blanket

Meaningful Existence The Infinite Hug Weighted Blanket

Jonah Hill has a new streetwear brand, and while the clothes are pretty great, we’re chuffed with this weighted blanket in particular. Its 15-pound weight is a great entry point for those who don’t have any experience with weighted blankets, and it comes with a travel bag for bringing those warm snuggly feelings on the go.

Fellow Tally Pro

Fellow Tally Pro coffee scale

You can finally get everything you need to perfect your pour-over game from Fellow. Finally, the brand behind some of our favorite coffee gear made a scale, and it might just be the perfect one. The Tally Pro helps you figure out your coffee-to-water ratio with a built-in Brew Assist mode, and the scale is accurate to 0.1 gram. Its glass and metal construction make this feel like a high-quality product and the weight pan itself is removable for easy cleanup.

Athletic Brewing x Netflix Geralt’s Gold

Athletic Brewing Geralt’s Gold (6-pack)

Welp, you can’t share your Netflix login anymore, but you can share some brewskis. Netflix teamed up with non-alcoholic brew brand Athletic Brewing on a Helles-style lager inspired by Geralt from Netflix’s The Witcher. The lager is brewed with Warrior, Chinook, Centennial and Simcoe hops and, according to Athletic, includes “notes of citrus and florals atop a ripe peach nose.”

Our Place Wonder Oven

Our Place has entered the countertop appliance world. After releasing its best-selling Always Pan in an oven-safe variation, the brand is following it up with an air fryer that’s basically a toaster oven. It can hold a chicken up to 4.5 pounds, and it comes in three splashy colors (in keeping with the brand’s ‘grammable aesthetics).

Saatva Bath Towels

Saatva three-piece Waffle bath towel set

Saatva three-piece Plush bath towel set

We love Saatva’s mattresses, and now the brand is giving us something new to love: towels. Marking its first entryway into the bathroom space, the towels—available in either a waffle weave or plush option—are available as bath towels, hand towels, wash clothes, and bath sheets, with three color options: slate, sand, and white.

Our Place Grill Pan

Our Place cast iron grill pan

No grill? No problem. Our Place’s latest cookware piece is a grill pan to get you serious sears and enviable grill marks right from your stovetop. The enameled construction is easy to clean and doesn’t require the same seasoning as untreated cast iron, and it’s meant to pair with your existing Our Place Perfect Pot to help you bake up some bread.

Amazon Fire Max 11

Amazon’s tablets might not have the same brand name recognition as Apple’s iPad, but its latest Fire Max 11 can at least compete in the size department. The new Fire Max is Amazon’s largest tablet yet, clocking in at 11 inches, topping the current iPad’s 10.9-inch size. With 14 hours of battery life, a super-fast processor, and three times the durability of the iPad (according to Amazon), it’s a great budget alternative to Apple’s $449 option.

Ooni Volt

Ooni’s popular pizza ovens are excellent choices for those looking to bake up their own pies at home, but they’re only good for outdoor use. With the new Volt, the brand’s first electric pizza oven, aspiring pizzaiolos can cook up fresh pies inside, too. It’s easy to use and portable—you can still use it outdoors if you fancy—and it reaches an impressive 850 degrees Fahrenheit for a perfectly cooked crust that mimics the finish of a brick oven. 

Swiffer PowerMop

Ditch the filthy mop and bucket because Swiffer’s latest gets you clean floors with the hassle. The PowerMop features a multi-surface mopping pad with over 300 scrubbing strips to get deep into the nooks and crannies of your floor. Just pop in the cleaning solution, spray, and wipe, and your floors are fresh and clean in a way your robo vac could never. 

A24 Beau Pajamas

A24 Beau embroidered pajama set

We called A24’s Beau Is Afraid a “distressingly intimate experience,” but it can be a little less so with these branded pajamas from the film and TV production company. A24 has been doing an excellent job at creating branded merch around its award-winning content, and this pajama set—silky grey satin chiffon edged with white piping in an oversized fit—is no exception. It’s embroidered to spell out “Beau,” which is great for those whose name is actually Beau.

Balmuda Brew

Balmuda the brew coffee maker

Balmuda, a Japanese homewares company behind some of our favorite toaster ovens, electric kettles, and speakers, has debuted a new coffee maker. This super-slim joint is meant to mimic the art of pour-over coffee, with elements like a bloom period—in which you de-gas the coffee grounds with a little bit of water—and uniform water distribution. There are three settings to toggle between (iced, strong, and regular) as well as a double-walled vacuum sealed carafe to keep your coffee hot for a couple hours.

Nike Pegasus Trail 4 Gore-Tex

Nike Pegasus Trail 4 GORE-TEX

Nike’s sick Pegasus shoes got the trail-running treatment. Meant for running on pavement, muddy trails, and any kind of less-than-ideal slippery surface, the Pegasus 4 sneakers will keep you on your feet and help you clock all those outdoor miles. Plus, its Gore-Tex construction keep your feet fully dry so long as you don’t jump into an ankle-high puddle.

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Compression

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Compression

Zodiac is still out here infusing a little bit of vibrancy into its decades-old Sea Wolf dive watches. For now, it’s the Super Sea Wolf Compression getting the Crayola treatment with a gulf colorway, drawing inspiration from the sun breaking over the water. Its super-wearable 40-millimeter face keeps the dial easy to read, even when you’re pushing the limits of how far this watch can go underwater (rated up to 20ATM or 660 feet).


Dyson Airstrait Straightener

Dyson Airstrait Straightener

We all know Dyson knows a thing or two about air-purifying and vacuums, but who would’ve thought they would also love hair-styling as well? The latest hair styler from Dyson is this hot plate-free hair straightener, dubbed the Airstrait. By using hot air to straighten hair, the Airstrait reduces heat damage to your mane as opposed to when you a device with hot plates. The new styling device can style straight from wet hair, and it adapts its heat setting automatically. 

Hoka Tecton X 2 Sneakers

Hoka knows a thing or two about trail-running sneakers, so we’re going to bet money that its latest model, the Tecton X 2 is going to be a hit among the outdoorsy folk among us. Its Matryx upper is light and breathable, and it’ll repel water to keep your feet dry if you’re schlepping through puddles and mud. Like the brand’s running sneakers, these new kicks have parallel carbon fiber plates, designed to literally propel you forward, and the Vibram Megagrip outsole will make sure you stay on your feet and not on your ass.

Beats Studio Buds+ Earbuds

Beats Studio Buds + Earbuds

Beats’ latest is a re-imagined, updated take on its two-year-old Beats Studio Buds. Besides adding a “+” in the name, these new earbuds are completely transparent from the actual buds to the case. (You can also opt for the black or ivory colorways.) While the clear design doesn’t add much to the function, this new look does add some wow factor to what is a pretty great pair of sub-$200 headphones. Sharing a lot of tech from Apple AirPods Pros, since Apple owns Beats, these make a great budget alternative to those pricier earbuds. They have 36 hours of battery life, better active noise cancellation compared to the older model, and improved overall sound quality. Sadly, these don’t support wireless charging, so get your cables ready.

AeroPress Clear Coffee Maker

AeroPress Clear coffee maker

As much as we love the AeroPress, we always sort of wished it were clear. The java nerds over at the brand heard our (and many other user’s) calls, and released the AeroPress Clear, which retains everything good about the original model—like the way it makes some damn good coffee—and offers a clear contraption so you can more easily monitor your joe as it brews and make adjustments in real time. It’s still a great device for taking on the go, especially because of its shatterproof Tritan construction.

Ouai x DedCool Dedtergent

Ouai x DedCool Melrose Place Dedtergent

Ouai, a company known for its great-smelling grooming products, has entered the home space. Teaming up with the similarly LA-based DedCool, Ouai brought its signature scent, Melrose Place to DedCool’s Dedtergent (get the pun?). The eco-friendly, nontoxic, and biodegradable detergent is perfectly fine for use in the washing machine, but also a great option for hand washing your clothes. 

Boy Smells Farm to Candle Bundle

Boy Smells Farm to Candle trio

Farm to table? Nope, farm to candle. There’s a trend going on right now, and it involves food-scented candles. Boy Smells has captured a trio of food-oriented smells in its latest capsule collection, which includes Herbaceous, a spicy, grassy scent; Rinder, a watermelon-centric joint; and Snap, which captures a bunch of sweet green produce into one candle.

Purple Premium and Luxe Mattress Collections

Purple Rejuvenate mattress

Purple is taking its proprietary GelFlex grid mattress construction and applying it to its two new bed collections, the Premium—which encapsulates the Purple Restore, RestorePlus, and RestorePremier models—and the Luxe—which comprise the Purple Rejuvenate, RejuvenatePlus, and RejuvenatePremier models. Both of the new collections utilize the brand’s GelFlex grid, but add coils for added support. The Luxe line also happens to have added density and stability than the mattresses under the Premium line, hence the steeper price tags.

Clermont Steep Whiskey

Clermont Steep American Single Malt Whiskey

You (probably) know what scotch single malt whisky is, but fewer know what American single malt whiskey is. For both, it’s whiskey made from a 100% malted barley at one distillery, but with scotch single malt, there are more rules than there are with American single malt, which has basically no definition. With 227 years of whiskey-making experience, James B. Beam Distilling Co.—behind brands like Jim Beam and Booker’s—is entering the American single malt whiskey category for the first time with Clermont Steep, which was developed by Freddie Noe, the 8th generation master distiller of the Fred B. Noe Distillery. The five-year-old juice is distilled and aged in Clermont, Kentucky, using Beam family jug yeast, the same yeast that’s used in all Beam distillery products, which the brand says brings a sense of familiarity to this new whiskey. It’s toasty and bready, and it’s an excellent foray into new territory for the company. 

JBL Tour Pro 2 Earbuds

From Bluetooth speakers to surprisingly excellent cheap earbuds, JBL can’t lose. With its new Tour Pro 2, JBL is innovating earbuds in a way we’ve never seen before—the charging case is a touchscreen controller. The 1.45”-inch display (yes, it’s not very big) offers just enough space to let you control your earbuds, from switching on active noise cancellation and skipping or pausing songs to reading your phone’s notifications if your device is out of reach. Its built-in microphones make for some pretty good audio quality when it comes to phone calls, and with the charging case, the Tour Pro 2 earbuds offer 40 hours of battery life.

Crate and Barrel x Molly Baz Salt and Pepper Mills

Crate and Barrel x Molly Baz Wooden Salt and Pepper Mills

Molly Baz, former Bon Appétit staffer and current celebrity cook (as well as the author of Cook This Book), collaborated with Crate & Barrel on a collection of chef tools, all decked out in playful colorways and cute designs. From these unique salt and pepper mills to a two-tiered fruit basket, Molly Baz’s new line might convince you to close the Seamless app tonight and get into the kitchen.

Yeti Rambler Beverage Bucket

Yeti Rambler Beverage Bucket

Yeti’s Rambler series of tough-as-nails bottles and travel mugs is making way for an ice bucket, not unlike a super-sized version you’d find in a hotel for chilling champagne. The hefty container can hold at least six cans of beer or three bottles of wine, but if you set your mind to it, we’re sure you’ll be able to squeeze in even more.

Levoit Tower Fan

Levoit, a brand known for its big efficiency, low cost air purifiers, has released its first-ever tower fan just in time for the warmer days ahead. With 90-degree oscillation, four modes, and five fan speeds at your disposal, the fan is just enough to hold you over until it’s time to turn on the air conditioner.

The Maison Premiere Almanac,’ by Joshua Boissy, Krystof Zizka and Jordan Mackay

The Maison Premiere Almanac: Cocktails, Oysters, Absinthe, and Other Essential Nutrients for the Sensualist, Aesthete, and Flaneur Book

If you’re going to Brooklyn’s James Beard-awarded seafood restaurant and bar Maison Premiere, it’s either for the cocktails, oysters, or absinthe. And that’s all laid out very clearly in the subtitle of the restaurant’s new book, which documents the restaurant’s history alongside cocktail recipes and personal essays.

Bang & Olufsen Beosound A5 portable speaker

Bang & Olufsen Beosound A5 Portable Speaker

Luxury audio brand Bang & Olufsen’s new Beosound A5 portable speaker is a force to be reckoned with, packing four drivers and the most powerful woofer compared to any of the brand’s other Bluetooth speakers. Designed to resemble a picnic basket, with removable parts so that you can eventually swap out the parts down the line if they need tune-ups, it also boasts 12 hours of battery life and includes a very cool built-in wireless charging pad on top so your bops don’t stop just because your phone died. The A5 is also rated to IP65, so it’s dust-proof and water-resistant for pool-side hangs.

Omsom Saucy Noodle Sampler

Omsom saucy noodle sampler

For the uninitiated, Omsom is a brand of seasoning packets, which help home cooks incorporate authentic flavors from Asian countries like Thailand and Vietnam into their food with ease. For the first time, it’s branching outside of seasoning packets with a line of instant noodles (but trust that the sauce packets are still included). The noods cook in as little as four minutes and are currently available in four flavors: soy garlic, chili sesame, coconut lemongrass curry, and garlic black pepper. 

Steelcase Karman Office Chair

Steelcase Karman office chair

Steelcase’s newest addition to its office chair lineup is the Karman, its first mesh task chair. Surprisingly, it only has one point of manual adjustment, but that’s because the Karman is designed to respond to your body’s movements. The mesh itself is supportive and breathable, and it’s a great new option for those who have been holding out on retiring the horrible dining chair they’re using in their home office.

Helix Elite Mattress

Helix Midnight Elite mattress

Of all the mattresses we’ve tested, Helix’s Midnight Luxe is an all-time GQ staff favorite. But now Helix has topped itself with an even more premium Elite line of mattresses. The new collection features six models, varying in firmness levels, though a shared trait is that these are all the tallest mattresses we’ve ever seen, clocking in at 16 inches high. (The mattress is so thick that it comprises two pieces and has to ship in separate boxes. Modular, baby!) The brand claims that these are the most supportive mattresses they make, though we’ll have to see how it stacks up against our perennial top choice.

Adidas TERREX x National Geographic  Swift R3 GTX Sneakers

Adidas TERREX x National Geographic Swift R3 GTX

Adidas TERREX and Nat Geo have partnered up on a 16-piece collection of outdoor hiking gear which launched at the very tail end of last month. It’s anchored by these trail-ready hiking shoes that feature adventurer-beloved Gore-tex to keeps your feet dry and a grippy rubber outsole that provides traction even when the ground underneath is wet or your incline is a little treacherous. You have to sign up to become an Adidas member to cop these shoes, but it’s well-worth it since Adidas’ member-exclusive sale is pretty fire right now.

Humanscale Float Mini Desk

Humanscale Float mini desk

Tiny home dwellers who thought they couldn’t outfit their space with a desk have no excuse for working off their coffee table anymore. Humanscale’s latest sit-to-stand desk, the Float mini, has a minimal footprint with a height range of 27 to 45 inches. Now you just need to pair it with one of our favorite office chairs.


Our Place Always Pan 2.0

Our Place’s Always Pan is about as famous as a piece of cookware it can get (thanks to its highly ‘grammable appeal). The biggest problem with it, however, is that it can’t be used in the oven. Now, the company’s phased out its OG model for the Always Pan 2.0, which allows cooks to hone their baking skills. The 2.0 takes the same accessories you love, but upgrades the pan itself with a new non-stick surface made with a Thermakind material that’s durable and ovenproof up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit: all of which only costs $5 more than the original.

Moccamaster KM5 Burr Grinder

Moccamaster KM5 Burr Grinder

Moccamaster makes one of our favorite coffee machines, and we never expected this nearly 59-year-old company to enter a new product category so late in the game. The KM5 is the brand’s first foray into burr coffee grinders. The new device holds up to 100 grams of coffee, and because it’s a stepless model, the user can fine-tune the grind size to whatever brewing method they prefer.

Aesop Gloam eau de parfum

Aesop Gloam eau de parfum

Aesop’s latest scent, Gloam, has arrived just in time for spring. While fall and winter calls for heavier scents, the new eau de parfum brings something a little lighter—with floral and jasmine notes—in addition to some spice, like hints of pepper, to keep things interesting.

Ember Travel Mug 2

Anyone who finds that their coffee is always getting colder faster than they can drink it will know Ember for its temperature-regulating mugs (your hot beverage stays hot for as long as you want—or as long as the battery lasts). The Travel Mug lets you bring your hot bevvy on the go, keeping it at your desired temperature for a whopping three hours. And for the clumsy person among us, the mug works with Apple’s Find My network, just in case you’re prone to leaving your things behind.

Casper The Casper

Casper’s going back to its roots with a reimagining of the mattress that made it famous. Its revamped Casper original is the brand’s most affordable bed, though it’s maintained some of its most premium features so sleepers don’t feel like they’re missing out just because they’re spending less. The mattress uses various layers of foam to help with things like regulating heat and preventing sinkage. As always, it’s also backed by the brand’s impressive 100-day trial period.

Casper Snow 

Whether it’s winter or summer, hot sleepers just can’t catch a break. Casper’s Snow mattress hopefully offers those folks some relief. This hybrid mattress utilizes Casper’s “Snow Technology,” which is meant to pull away excess heat from the body, combined with a cool-to-the-touch outer layer. While foam is notorious for trapping heat, Casper’s version is optimized to increase airflow so you don’t wake up in a pool of your own sweat.

Areaware Chrome Stacking Planter

Areaware chrome stacking planter

Areaware’s infamous stacking planter gets the chrome treatment this week with a new chromed-out version designed by Chen Chen & Kai Williams. The planter looks like a singular piece, but its base ring is actually a saucer to collect excess water (for the over-waterer in all of us). 

Eminence Pineapple Refining Tonique 

Eminence pineapple refining tonique

Not all exfoliators need a physical exfoliant to scrub away head skin. In the case of Eminence’s new toner, the brand is utilizing the naturally occurring chemical exfoliants in pineapple (otherwise known as fruit alpha hydroxy acids) to help slough away the stuff on your face that shouldn’t be there. It’s also an excellent hydrating toner to help you move onto the next step of your skincare routine. The new tonique is part of Eminence’s new tropical superfood line, which also includes a booster powder you add to your existing moisturizer and a solid body oil for staying hydrated all over.

Natasha Pickowicz x Jono Pandolfi More Than Cake

Natasha Pickowicz x Jono Pandolfi More Than Cake serving set

Jono Pandolfi, the brand behind some of our favorite dinnerware sets, teamed up with pastry chef Natasha Pickowicz on a splendid new cake-serving set. You’ll find the brand’s seven-inch plates decked out in bright, vibrant colors that don’t add extra flavor to what you’re eating but sure make it much prettier to look at. (The colors are also a callback to Pickowicz’ More Than Cake cover.)

Glenfiddich Grand Yozakura 

Glenfiddich Grand Yozakura 29 year old single malt scotch whisky

While every whiskey brand has seemingly been eyeing the rare Japanese mizunara cask to age their juice, Glenfiddich had its sights on the even-more-rare Japanese Awamori casks. The 29-year-old end result is by no means a cheap or affordable product, but it is a worthwhile, special occasion scotch, with notes of dried fruit, butterscotch, and a seemingly never-ending finish.

Neighbor Mesa

Neighbor’s latest release is an excellent complement to its GQ-approved backyard sofas and other outdoor furniture. The Mesa fire table, made of concrete and lava rocks, will be the focal point of your backyard (given you have the space for it). When it’s not keeping you warm on chilly nights, a teak cover helps the Mesa double as a coffee table.

Target x Hilton Carter plants

Target x Hilton Carter 15-inch artificial Monstera plant

Plant enthusiast Hilton Carter is back at Target with a new 30-product collection of all things green and alive (and all the accessories that go with it). This go-around finds a new selection of faux foliage—from the ever-popular Monstera to the trailing string of pearls—and planters for your new green friend, whether they go inside or out. 

Grey Goose Bottled Martini

Grey Goose classic martini cocktail

You can put the barware down and skip the trip to your local watering hole. Vodka brand Grey Goose now makes a bottled martini. Combining the eponymous vodka, some dry French vermouth, and a dash of orange bitters, the bottle holds up to eight cocktails—and all you have to do is make sure you give it a proper chill before serving.

Gantri Word Table Light

GQ award-winning brand Gantri, which makes 3D-printed lamps from plant-based materials, works with a seemingly endless roster of designers who create modern minimalist shapes across the brand’s line of floor, table, and wall lamps. One of its most popular designs was the Word table light, released in 2019, but was discontinued after the lamp’s designer, Dims., went out of business. Now, the popular lamp is back, this time designed by Seoul-based Studio Word. It’s an epic sculptural piece that is as much a functional item as it is a truly excellent piece of home decor.

Hoka x Bodega Tor Ultra Hi

Bodega and Hoka One One’s latest is a hiking-ready boot that’s waterproof (thanks to its Gore-tex exterior), super-slip resistant (courtesy of a Vibram Megagrip outsole), and extra easy on the eyes (largely due to its handsome eggplant colorway). It’s easy to pull on and off with the addition of speed hooks, and if you’re one of the lucky few who wears a size 13 or 14, you can get this shoe in the low-top version.

Gravity Move Massager

Gravity Move heated mini massager

Weighted blanket brand Gravity just released its first massage gun, and now it’s following up on that success with a more portable option, the Move. It’s only slightly more travel-friendly than the original massager, and it includes two fewer interchangeable applicators. The Move also has a heated applicator, like its predecessor, as well as four intensity levels and a 10-minute timer function.

Ami Ami Boxed Wine

Ami Ami “The Duo’ box wine set

Boxed wine is cool. No, we swear. It’s come a long way since the cheap stuff you drank in college. Started by the co-founder of the low-ABV spirit brand Haus (RIP), Ami Ami is a new boxed wine brand that’s offering a red and white option—a syrah and a sauvignon blanc blend—made with French grapes. One box is the equivalent of two standard bottles of wine, and the juice stays fresh for up to six weeks after opening. 

Crate and Barrel Batten Outdoor Collection

Crate and Barrel Batten teak outdoor loveseat

Looking for outdoor furniture? Crate and Barrel is always a great place to start. And now you have an extra collection to explore from the retailer: the Batten line. If that name sounds familiar to you (and you happen to follow Crate and Barrel very closely), that’s because Batten used to encompass a range of indoor modular storage. Now, it’s a wood-centric outdoor line, which includes various sofas, a dining set, and kitchen furniture. Each piece features a slatted wood motif, and it offers a breezy and naturalistic aesthetic to your backyard, patio, or whatever outdoor space you have.

Branch Duo Standing Desk

Branch’s latest standing desk, the Duo, offers those who have been working from home yet another reason to ditch the dining table for a proper workspace. The standing desk, which comes in two sizes to accommodate even the smallest homes, has a 20-inch adjustment range and overall clean look. Branch offers four finishes for the top, while the legs come in either black or white. For those trying to trick out their desk, they can opt for a few add-ons like a desk drawer or cable organizer (for extra money, of course).

Ruby Sparkling Hibiscus

Ruby hibiscus organic fuji apple sparkling water (12-pack)

Ruby’s sparkling hibiscus water is like drinking a soda, minus the loads of sugar and without having to go for the diet stuff. The brand, which originally started with a still hibiscus water, has two new flavors to add to its sparkling range: fuji apple and berry cherry. The waters have a distinct tartness to them, because of the hibiscus, and they’re just sweet enough to curb sugar cravings without supremely spiking your glucose levels.

Sanus Speaker Stands

Sanus speaker stand for Sonos Era 100

Whenever Sonos has a new speaker to launch, Sanus is right behind with some wall mounts and speaker stands. It’s no different with the recent release of the Sonos Era 100 and Era 300 speakers, both of which are in good company with Sanus’ new accessories. They’re easy to set up, and they give your speakers the optimal listening height for your next movie night (or solo dance session).

Tekla x SSENSE

SSENSE x Tekla pyjama shirt

Tekla continues to be one of fashion’s favorite pajama brands (as well as ours), and its new collection with SSENSE might be one of our favorites. The collab finds a bunch of patchwork options across pajama shirts, shorts, and robes, and if we needed any more excuse to be cozy, this would be it.


Master & Dynamic MH40 Wireless Headphones (2nd generation)

Master & Dynamic MH40 wireless (2nd generation)

Master & Dynamic makes a damn fine pair of headphones, both in terms of looks and sound, but things can always get better. The brand re-released its popular MH40 wireless headphones with a suite of even better specs, like a longer battery life, boosted acoustics, and improved call quality.

Ikea Vappeby 

Ikea Vappeby portable Bluetooth speaker

Ikea’s not exactly known for being a tech brand, but its ongoing expansion into speakers and air purifiers shows that the Swedish furniture gods are ready to put their stamp on the gadgets and gizmos space, too. Ikea’s new $15 (yep, you heard that right!) Bluetooth speaker boasts some surprisingly good stats despite its dirt-cheap price tag. The Vappeby has a whopping 80-hour battery life, and comes IP67-rated for water- and dust-resistance. Plus, you can pair a couple together for bigger sound. We’re not sure how the quality stacks up to our favorite Bluetooth speakers just yet, but we’ll find out soon.

Brooklinen Laundry Care

Brooklinen the complete clean bundle

Brooklinen’s award-winning sheets, cozy sleepwear, and bathroom linens can now be freshened up with a spin cycle featuring the brand’s new laundry care line. From detergent to reusable dryer balls and stain removers, the cleaning supplies feature plant-based ingredients for a gentle clean. Each detergent comes in two scents—dream clean or herbal clean—as well as an unscented option.

Eleven Madison Home Beverage Collection

Eleven Madison Home the bar box

Following Via Carota’s entry into the ready-made cocktail kit space (which we’ve detailed below), Eleven Madison Park, or “EMP” as the foodies like to call it, is bringing its top-notch drinks menu to your home—no reservation necessary. With the Eleven Madison Home beverage collection, you can mix up top-notch botanical mocktails at home courtesy of six plant-based, nonalcoholic mixers—flavored with pear, pomegranate, mandarin, green poblano, red currant, and pumpkin seed—plus bitters and bar snacks, all created with EMP’s beverage director Sebastian Tollius. 

Bang & Olufsen x Ssense Beoplay A9 

Bang & Olufsen x Ssense Beoplay A9 speaker

SSENSE features an unbelievably well-curated selection of non-clothing items in its Everything Else section, where you’ll find a brand spanking new speaker produced in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen. The two brands worked together to customize B&O’s popular A9 speaker with details inspired by SSENSE’s Montreal store, namely its grey colorway and concrete accents.

Unbound Merino Active 

Unbound active merino t-shirt

Merino wool is known for its temperature-regulating properties (which you might equate with warmth if you’re rocking it in winter), but it’s also a damn good material for tackling sweaty workouts, too, thanks to its natural moisture-wicking properties. See for yourself with this new activewear collection from the merino wool specialists at Unbound which includes a tee, tank top, and shorts. 

The Citizenry Made-to-Order Furniture

If you’re looking to spruce up your bedroom setup, you may want to check out The Citizenry’s new made-to-order line of custom furniture that features three sleek new bed frames that shoppers can customize down to the wood, fabrics, and leathers—so it’ll never look like anyone else’s on the ‘gram. 

Hims Dandruff Detox Shampoo

Hims dandruff detox shampoo

Hims has been in the hair loss prevention game for a minute, and now it wants to help you tackle your dandruff problem. Its new pyrithione zinc-enhanced shampoo is formulated by dermatologists to prevent itching and flaking. and comes enhanced with a refreshing mint smell so you can emerge from a shower smelling and feeling clean.  

Quince Mongolian Cashmere Cotton Bedding

Quince Mongolian cashmere cotton duvet cover set

Add a touch of luxury to you sleeping setup: Quince’s newest bed sheets feature 5% Mongolian cashmere for softness and breathability, while the cotton blend keeps everything relatively affordable.

On Cloudsurfer

On’s revamped Cloudsurfer running shoe finds one of the brand’s original sneakers getting a new look and a fresh midsole called Cloudtec Phase. With the new midsole, the shoe is now even lighter—clocking in around eight ounces—while reducing the amount of materials that go into the sneaker. The Cloudsurfer is more apt for neutral runners (sorry, overpronators) and anyone who prefers their stride to be extra cushioned.

More Cool New Stuff

Check out all the other cool releases from the weeks and months prior.

Ikea x Marimekko Bath Sheet Collab

Ikea x Marimekko Bastua bath sheet

Out of left field comes Ikea’s collection, Bastua, made in collaboration with Marimekko. With items ranging from towels to actual furniture, Bastua is “inspired by nature and the self-care rituals of the Nordic sauna,” Ikea explains. Marimekko’s famous patterns and prints are on full display within the collection, with prices ranging from $3 to $85.

Gentle Monster x Maison Margiela Sunglasses

Gentle Monster x Maison Margiela MM005 01 sunglasses

One look at the arms of Gentle Monster’s new frames, and you’ll know they’re Margiela. The blank tag silhouette is a dead giveaway. With a goggle-like appearance—that, we’d dare say, is a bit bug-like—the frames are just one of the many that the South Korean eyewear brand collaborated on with the fashion house.

Burrow Outdoor Collection

Burrow Relay outdoor 3-seat sofa

Burrow has entered the outdoor furniture chat. The brand known for helping popularize the whole sofa-in-a-box concept is still doing sofas in a box, but this time for the outdoors. Actually, there’s a whole range of outdoor furniture, from dining table sets to a coffee table, all while retaining the brand’s popular mid-century modern aesthetic and ease of assembly.

Hodinkee x Globe-Trotter Watch Case

Hodinkee x Globe-Trotter three-watch case

If you’re one of those people who bring more than one watch on a trip, you’ll appreciate Hodinkee’s latest Globe-Trotter collaboration. The three-watch case features leather accents and a distinct Globe-Trotter look, part of which is why we named the brand’s carry-on as one of our favorites. The interior tray is removable, and underneath is storage for extra straps and whatever other watch-centric gear you’ll need on your trip.

Liquid Death Iced Tea

Liquid Death iced black tea (8-pack)

Liquid Death’s aggro branding has clearly been working because it’s gotten people to drink more water (while touting a cool $700 million valuation). The latest release from the canned water brand is, well, not exactly water. Instead, we have three iced teas—available in Armless Palmer (a take on an Arnold Palmer), Rest in Peach (a peach-flavored iced tea), and Grim Leafer (just a classic iced tea)—all of which are dosed with caffeine, sweetened with agave, and packing 30 calorie. Oh, and they’re all packed with vitamin B for some reason, which is just spectacular. 

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen Body SPF40

Supergoop Unseen sunscreen body SPF40

Our favorite face sunscreen is now available for your whole body. Supergoop reformulated its Unseen sunscreen, named because it feels and looks like you’re not wearing sunscreen, so that it’s more gel-like and primed for use on your body. 

Vitamix Propel Series Blender

Vitamix Propel series 510

When you think of blenders, you probably think of Vitamix. The only thing holding you back from getting one of the best blenders in the biz is the price. But now Vitamix offers the Propel series of blenders, which includes the under-$500 510 model. It has variable speed and pulse controls, as well as three presets for smoothies, hot soups, and frozen desserts. For a bigger and more feature-packed option, there’s the Propel series 750, which is essentially the same as the smaller 510 but with a seven-year warranty and a preset for dips and spreads.

De’Longhi TrueBrew Drip Coffee Maker

De’Longhi TrueBrew drip coffee maker

Do you have a barista on call? No, we didn’t think so. But TrueBrew sort of makes it feel like you do. The new coffee maker from De’Longhi, which was able to score Brad Pitt for its marketing campaign, features a built-in conical burr grinder, which grinds and doses the exact amount of beans you need for one of five brew styles—light, gold, bold, espresso-style, and iced—in one of six sizes. The machine even turns those spent grounds in easy-to-dispose coffee pucks, like something you’d find in an espresso machine’s portafilter, to make cleanup a breeze.

Oxo Good Grips Refrigerator Organization Set  

Oxo Good Grips 8-piece refrigerator organization set

Let’s be honest, your fridge could use a good cleaning and some re-organization. Sure, we don’t actually know what your refrigerator looks like, but we know most of you agree. Oxo’s new line of refrigerator organizers will keep the inside of your fridge neat and maximize every space so you can cram even more snacks in there.

Peak Design Tech Pouch

The worst thing about travel might not be the airport horror stories or the jet lag. It might actually be the fact that you have to carry all your tech gear around. The ongoing terror of losing any of your charging cables or breaking something (by accident our through pure frustration) in a TSA line is never a fun start to a vacation. Luckily, Peak Design’s new tech pouch features an accordion-style design so that your cables, cords, and chargers all stay neat and tidy to give you one less thing to worry about on your next trip.

Aesop Aromatique Incense

Aesop Kagerou Aromatique incense

Aesop is in the business of smelling good. Now the brand has a trio of incense—available in a woody Sarashina scent, herbaceous Kagerou, or spicy Sarashina—to complement its existing range of candles. And if you have money to spare (and don’t love the pumice incense holder included), Aesop also crafted a $210 bronze incense holder.


Veja Fitz Roy

Veja wants you to get out there. The eco-friendly brand has expanded its lineup of shoes with a new hiking silhouette, the Fitz Roy, that’s primed to conquer the great outdoors. It’s made of a new durable technical material called Trek-Shell coupled with recycled polyester, then topped off with a water-repellent finish so a little rain won’t affect your stride. 

Saucony Endorphin Elite

Saucony’s latest runner, the Endorphin Elite, is the brand’s fastest shoe to date. The fifth model in the Endorphin lineup, the Elite is primed for road racing. Everything about this sneaker—from the carbon plate to its aggressive Speedroll for forward propulsion—is designed to help push you farther, faster, and with as little effort as possible. 

Dior by Mystery Ranch Saddle Bag

Dior by Mystery Ranch saddle bag

Mystery Ranch is not a brand you’d expect to see on the runway at a fashion show, but at Dior’s Summer 2023 menswear showing, it made a surprise cameo. Though it’s not exactly a high-fashion brand, Mystery Ranch is still beloved for its ruggedness and durability, which is why Dior’s artistic director Kim Jones linked up with the brand to pay homage to Christian Dior’s love of gardening. The collaboration includes a Dior spin on Mystery Ranch’s Gallagator backpack, as well as a Mystery Ranch spin on Dior’s saddle bag (among other pieces like a belt and zippered wallet). 

Huckberry X Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault 27-Liter Backpack

Huckberry X Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault 27-liter backpack

And because a Dior and Mystery Ranch bag might be out of some folks’ price range, you might consider scooping something from Mystery Ranch’s ongoing collaboration with Huckberry instead. This exclusive colorway of the 2-Day Assault bag comes decked out in camo, and stocks a hefty 27 liters of stuff in its innards. It’s also designed to ensure equal weight distribution and can securely hold a laptop up to 15 inches if you’re hauling your tech into the wilderness.

Baratza Encore ESP 

Baratza Encore ESP coffee grinder

We will forever love the Baratza Encore coffee grinder, and if didn’t think we could love it anymore, the brand added an “ESP” to the end of the name, re-engineered some of the moving parts, and created a coffee grinder that can truly do it all. And by “do it all,” we mean the Encore ESP can grind coffee for both regular brewing methods—drip, pour-over, etc.—and espresso. The ESP retains the original’s 40 grind settings, except this new model focuses the first 20 grind settings on espresso-sized grounds while the larger 20 grind settings get you every other iteration of drip coffee that you could need (like a beefier cold brew consistency). Plus, there’s a dosing cup to help you easily and cleanly transport your grounds to your portafilter like a true barista.

Quince Carry-On

Quince carry-on hard shell suitcase

From cashmere sweater to bathroom towels, Quince makes a bunch of affordable, high-quality alternatives to brands that sell the same stuff at a markup. Now it’s making suitcases, and they start at just $130. We’re not sure how it stacks up to our other favorite bags yet, but the specs are promising: It’s made of polycarbonate, with a water-resistant interior lining, and those 360-degree spinner wheels look like they can easily breeze through the airport terminal. The suitcases are only currently available in two colors, black and tan, but those should be neutral enough to please most people.

Great Jones Beyond Measure

Great Jones Beyond Measure duo

Does the world of measuring cups need disrupting? According to the direct-to-consumer cookware brand Great Jones it does. The brand, known for its colorful, ‘grammable pots, pans, and ovenware, put a new spin on measuring cups with this whimsical Sophie Jacobsen-esque glass design that might actually get you to measure out (and not just eyeball) your next baking project. Your days of soggy cakes are long gone.

Hay Mousqueton Portable Outdoor Lamp

Hay Mousqueton portable outdoor lamp

Hay’s new collection includes this portable outdoor lamp that’s just in time for warmer weather. Designed by French designer Inga Sempé, the Mousequeton has a four-step dimmer to help you bring the vibes outside. It also houses a rechargeable battery for its LED bulb, and the lamp is blessedly weatherproofed thanks to its coated steel shade and zinc alloy base.

Houseplant Vinyl Box Set Vol. 2

Houseplant vinyl box set vol. 2

Get the turntable ready, because Houseplant co-founders Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have released their second volume of LPs to accompany your smoking sessions. The second box set features 97 minutes of tunes across three records, each with their own vibe to match the type of weed strain you’re jamming with.

Eufy Mach V1 Ultra

You’ll recognize Eufy’s brand name for its security cameras and robot vacuums, and now it’s making a cordless stick vacuum. Except it’s not just any old cordless stick vac, but also a steam mop, which the brand says is the first of its kind. After sucking up both wet and dry messes, the Mach V1 uses steam to sanitize the floor—plus, through something called Eco-Clean Ozone Disinfection, the vacuum also cleans itself. While the vacuum is meant to vacuum, steam, and mop mostly on hardwood floors, it can also be used on low-pile rugs and carpets. 

Braindead x Modernica Checkered Shell Chair

Braindead x Modernica checkered shell chair

The, ahem, great minds at Braindead have teamed up with the designheads at Modernica on a small run of furniture, from desks to Eames-style fiberglass shell chairs, all decked out in vibe-y graphic designs like this checkered logohead print. Add one or two to your space to kick your drab decor situation into high gear. 

Traeger Ironwood Grill

Traeger’s run of pellet grills are some of the best of the best, and following up last year’s release of the Timberline, the brand has released the Ironwood collection for those looking for something less primo than its top-of-the-line series. Available in two sizes, the Ironwood features a touchscreen digital display, borrowed from the Timberline, as well as a new piece of technology that’s meant to help infused more smoke and wood flavor into your food. Keep the Ironwood in mind once it’s warmer out so you can keep the grill going all summer long.

Snif Golden Ticket

Snif’s latest scent is drawing some inspiration from Willy Wonka. With Golden Ticket, a new tea-inspired scent, one person will win a two-night trip to London in celebration of the brand’s 15th scent release. Golden Ticket itself smells like a blend of warm teas–black, green, and maté—so it’s a nice consolation prize once you realize you didn’t win a free trip.

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