Feeling creative? Save up to 26 percent on XPPen’s best drawing tablets today

We start today’s deals with great savings coming from XPPen, as you can currently pick up a new Artist13.3 Pro Graphics Tablet for just $221 after the latest 26 percent discount. This model is an excellent choice for those into art and graphics design, as it comes with a 13.3-inch laminated screen with an adjustable stand and eight shortcut keys to make your creative experience even better. The best part is that it comes with 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, which makes every stroke and detail better.

XPPEN Artist 13.3 Pro Drawing Tablet

$221 $300 Save $79

The XPPEN Artist 13.3 Pro Drawing Tablet is an excellent option for anyone interested in graphic design and art, as you can connect it to your laptop or Android device to unleash your creativity.

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The Artist13.3 Pro Graphics Tablet is compatible with almost every major operating system, meaning that you can use your tablet with a Windows PC, a Mac, or even Chrome OS, Linux, and Android devices. And it also includes the company’s PA2 battery-free stylus that will recognize 8,192 pressure levels and 60-degree tilt support, and the best part is that you won’t experience lag when you’re letting your imagination flow. You also get other extras, including a cleaning cloth, a pen holder, a black drawing glove, and more.

You can also get your new XPPen drawing tablet for less if you opt for the smaller Artist12 Pro model, which comes with an 11.6-inch display, now selling for $200 with $50 in instant savings, or go all out and get the Artist24 Pro Drawing Tablet model for $720 after picking up a 20 percent discount. This model normally sells for $900, meaning that you would be scoring $180 in instant savings. And if you’re looking for a more affordable option, you can also consider picking up a new XPPen Artist24 FHD Drawing Tablet for just $485 after receiving a 15 percent discount.

Another interesting deal comes from Wacom, as you can now pick up a new Cintiq 16 for $600 with the latest $200 discount. This model has a FHD 15.6-inch display, a super responsive Wacom Pro Pen 2 with 8,192 pressure sensitivity, tilt recognition, and more. Or you can check out the Wacom One, which now sells for $300 after receiving a very compelling 25 percent discount, which will get you $100 in instant savings.

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