How Dare Michelle Pfeiffer Post a Stunning Makeup-Free Selfie and Not Warn Me In Advance — See Photo

While some celebrities (and influencers) celebrate milestone social media moments with balloons, Michelle Pfeiffer is cooler than that: she just marked hitting three million followers on Instagram with a make-up-free selfie.

“Thank you all for hanging out with me,” she wrote on a photograph of herself relaxing on her sofa, grey sweatshirt on, blonde hair pushed naturally to one side to voluminous effect. Completely bare-faced, the 65-year-old showed off her luminous, clear skin in the shot, alongside those famous cheekbones — anyone who has seen Scarface would be hard-pushed to forget them.

Pfeiffer’s Instagram followers are treated to an array of snapshots of her life, from days spent with her dogs to sunshine-filled walks and moments on the beach. There is glamour, too — including meetings with Jonathan Van Ness and red-carpet events, for which she rarely strays from her long-established beauty signatures: subtle brown eyeliner, a rosy cheek, and a natural lip. Paired with her signature blunt lob, Pfeiffer is an understated but oh-so-cool beauty queen, and we love her for it.

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