Jennifer Aniston WSJ. Magazine Fall 2023

We don’t know where you’ve been if you didn’t already know that Kristina O’Neill is out as EIC of WSJ. Magazine and Sarah Ball is O’Neill’s replacement. Over the years, WSJ has become a title in which we’ve come to depend on greatly for stellar fashion content and throughout 2023 we’ve encountered terrific covers featuring Stephanie Seymour, Selena Forrest and more recently with Kendall Jenner. The title’s Fall 2023 installment goes to Jennifer Aniston, who graces the mag’s latest in crisp black and white via the lens of Gray Sorrenti, complete with styling from Clare Richardson who dressed the American actress, producer and founder of LolaVie in Gucci for the occasion.


The cover garnered mixed feedback amongst our forum members. “I love Jennifer Aniston and I want to love the cover but the hair on her face… why?” asked matheus_s.
“She looks lovely, but the women’s fashion issue and they style her like she’s working at a random office building circa 2012!” Marc10 called out.
“Where’s the fashion? I can’t find it,” chimed in THD96.
NYLA22 wasn’t fond either, commenting: “Generally love WSJ (and Aniston) but this is not great. They just got a new EIC and I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come!”
“It’s wild how Gray Sorrenti keeps on getting high profile work with how pedestrian her photography is,” voiced Br3ncon1.
“It’s as though she doesn’t age at all! Now this is what we call ageing gracefully. Even though it sickens me to see Gray Sorrenti shoot yet another cover, it’s good for WSJ. Jennifer Aniston’s one of the few celebrities who I don’t particularly want to see dolled up in the latest fashion all the time. Probably the one time I’m prepared to give Clare Richardson’s dull as dishwater styling the pass,” Benn98 remarked.
“Everything is a bit clumsy but it’s Jennifer Aniston and I’m biased so everything is forgiven,” said oaklee91.
Do you agree? See more from WSJ. Magazine‘s Fall 2023 cover story and share your thoughts, here.

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