Mariacarla Boscono Vogue Korea September 2023

Here at theFashionSpot, we’re huge stans of Luigi & Iango and have come to appreciate the photographic duo over the years just as much as the living legend Steven Meisel. The creative twosome have photographed an array of modelling royalty throughout their careers (including everyone from Christy Turlington to Gigi Hadid) and shoot Mariacarla Boscono for a trio of terrific covers with the unveiling of Vogue Korea’s September 2023 edition. Styled by the magazine’s fashion director Eunyoung Sohn, L&I capture the Italian beauty in the studio against a grey backdrop while showcasing pieces from Prada’s Fall 2023 collection (and some beautiful hydrangea flowers).


The covers ignited debate on our forums immediately. “Ditch the Rafael Pavarottis and Ethan James Greens of the world and start hiring L&I for your covers, US and UK Vogue!” commented kokobombon.
“Agreed,” replied PowerDroid. “I used to find Luigi & Iango tacky for the longest time, but I must admit they’ve become more sophisticated!”
Sharing the same enthusiasm was vogue28: “At this present moment in time, it’s just a relief there’s an editor and a magazine still out there that has the brilliance to commission Luigi & Iango for cover shoots. Mariacarla Boscono’s never been a firm fave of mine but I’m a fan of these three covers to no end. The coloring is gorgeous, and I love how coherent the three covers are alongside one another.”
“I got excited when I read the thread title even though I think the portraits shots are not the most flattering of Mariacarla. These are quite nice covers all in all. But the first one looks like a perfume ad and the last one is a little lazy. I’d say I like the second cover the most, with the movement of the skirt. Also, I must say that I love the way the Vogue logo just blends in on the first cover,” admired Valentine27.
After all, not everyone was so forthcoming. “Terrible covers,” Lola701 voiced. “None of the covers please me, perhaps the least worst is the one with the flowers…” chimed in DK92.

Vogue Korea September 2023 : Mariacarla Boscono by Luigi & Iango

Are you a fan? See more from Mariacarla’s cover shoot and join the conversation, here.

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